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JASPER is the journey of a dream… This modern allegorical tale that has been compared to the classic PILGRIM’S PROGRESS,” takes the reader on a journey where a sleeping dream within Sandy from the Wastelands is awakened and she is led on an adventure of becoming what she never knew she could be. Through interactions with friends, adversaries, and terrains familiar to all people, JASPER will lead you into the exploration of a world you have secretly long to travel in if you have ever searched for a life of “more.” Join JASPER as he leads you in this quest. You are invited… Come!


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An Invitation into the Story…

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What People Are Saying:

“Jasper’ is a modern day Pilgrim’s Progress – a journey in search of true beauty and the real essence of life. Rich language and heart truths drip from each page. Read and be blessed!”

Robert Whitlow

Best-selling author of "A House Divided"

“It is one thing to write a story about a character who is transformed on a marvelous, unfolding journey, it’s another to write a story that surprises the reader as he discovers himself throughout that same journey! A master storyteller and lover of the kid she sees in everyone she meets, Dar Draper has written ‘Jasper’ under such unusual inspiration that the story literally becomes a treasure chest of wisdom for every reader who takes time to ponder the beauty she so gently and magnificently bestows. ‘Jasper’ is sure to be an instant classic.”

Craig Malz


“Jasper’ romanced my heart and awoke my deeper identity of royalty. This modern fairytale resonates with the real fairytale we all desire to live and were created to become a part of. I want to read it again and again!”

Londa English

Missionary & Teacher

“Reading ‘Jasper’ moved my soul and overwhelmingly gripped my heart with an awe-inspiring HOPE that I have waited to encounter my whole life!”

Shonda White


Perfect for Those Seeking MORE

“Truly inspired! ‘Jasper’ drew me in from the beginning! I would read through tears page after page because the words seemed to tell my past yet give hope for my future! I was so excited about the book, I have given at least 20 copies to friends already because I believe this can be a modern-day guidebook of sorts for all people, regardless of age. Mrs. Draper’s beautifully written allegory of a spiritual journey invites us, along with the main character, Sandy, to go deeper and gain the “more” our hearts truly seek!”

Jennifer Caraccio

Creative Brilliance

“I would classify ‘Jasper’ in the category of creative brilliance. Dar Draper has found a unique and masterful way of bringing readers on a gripping, thrilling, and emotional journey that unexpectedly tugs on the longings and desires of our own souls, startling the conscience of our reality into a pining for the things we were made to experience and enjoy. Understandable and applicable to all ages and genders, this book will undoubtedly become a favorite of many!”

Jay Stewart

I’ve Just Discovered an Awesome New Writer

“As a book editor who has plowed through hundreds of manuscripts, once in a blue moon I come across a writer who unexpectedly captivates my attention. When I read ‘Jasper’ by Dar Draper, I said to myself, ‘She is going to be one of the great writers of our time.’ Just read one or two pages and you’ll say ‘Wow!’ Get this book now and you’ll be able to brag, ‘I read ‘Jasper’ before Dar became famous.”

Neil J. Eskelin

Author & Publisher

My Book of the Year for 2016

“Every year I pick a book that has profoundly affected me and give away multiple copies to friends and family. ‘Jasper’ has been this year’s book! I have already given away 9 copies (and am about to order more) and it’s only been published for about a month! It reads like an age-old classic, as you are drawn deeper and deeper into the spiritual journey of the main character, Sandy. It is deep enough for the wisest biblical scholar to be blessed and simple enough to read as a bedtime story to children. It spans ages, time, and cultures. I have been challenged, humbled and blessed by this book.”

Jodye McGray

A Pearl of a Book

“From the moment I started reading ‘Jasper’, I could not put the book down! This book will inspire you and give you a sense that you belong to something bigger, outside of our normal, mundane existence. The words are so well written and inspired that the book will come to life as soon as you start reading it. The plot and characters are so well thought out and intricately woven throughout the story so that there is a new surprise hidden in every page. Like every good novel, the book slowly unfolds and leaves you wanting to know what happens next. I recommend this book to people of all ages and in every walk of life. It will leave a mark on your heart and give you a new sense of identity and purpose. Simply put, this book is a pearl! Get your copy today and start your adventure!”

Joseph S. Bivin

For the Inquisitive in Nature

“Jasper’ is the story of Sandy’s search for love in a threatening world, and her discovery of it in an unexpected place. Just a humble girl from the Wastelands trying to make it in the big city, she stumbles—or is led—onto something more, leading her, at first unwilling, to the greatest adventure of her lifetime. With a host of well-rounded characters, not to mention ‘Jasper’ himself, the book is a quick read and is sure to entertain the whole family. But as we follow Sandy’s personal story, we discover deep truths that affect our own search for truth and love in our lives, leading to realizations of our own along the way. When Sandy begins to uncover what real love is, and how it is found, we find ourselves mimicking her journey with discoveries about spiritual and emotional realities we may never have encountered before. Perhaps the greatest asset of the book is the fact that it speaks to each reader in a unique way, spreading life even beyond the page. Recommended only for those of an inquisitive nature, a curiosity for life, and a desire to delve.”

Josiah English

I Didn’t Want to Put it Down

“Jasper’ was so brilliantly written that it drew me in immediately and I didn’t want to put it down. There are places for everyone to see themselves as one or many of the characters. It can be a lighthearted read or you can use it as a vehicle to dig deep within yourself and analyze much of your own personality traits that can be strengthened. It was great to see the main character, Sandy, walk through many of the challenges and identity issues that many of us have faced at one time or another as we have walked through our journey of transformation from our worldly ways to become more like person God wants us to be.

I was so excited about this book that was given to me as a gift that I paid it forward to 20 of my friends. I am looking forward to incorporating the study guide and other opportunities that will no doubt be coming to support this book as the amazing teaching tool that I know it will be. Great for all ages!

Thank you, Dar Draper, for the beautiful place that your book took me as I joined Sandy along her journey.”

Heather Finch


“Anointed! ‘Jasper’ will awaken and speak to the hearts of each reader, young, old, male or female! May your life be transformed as ‘Jasper’ calls you to the ‘more’ that you were created for! In the brokenness of every day life, see yourself as your creator see you…valuable and of great price.”

Angela Mitchell

A Journey Worth Taking

“To say that I love this book and recommend it is an understatement. In the few weeks that it has been in print, I have already purchased ten copies to give as gifts. Somewhere between Hinds Feet on High Places and A Pilgrim’s Progress, ‘Jasper’ depicts the journey of a young woman leading a meaningless existence, as she finds her way to the Abundant Life. Draper is a mature, wise woman who has obviously traveled the road her heroine is finding herself on, and obviously knows ‘Jasper’ personally.
 I recommend this to anyone: young, old, in between, male, female – all will benefit! You can read the Kindle edition, but you will probably be like me, wanting to get copies to give away.”

Kathy Whitlow

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About Dar Draper

About Dar Draper

Dar Draper is a lover of story and every creative means of telling a great one.

She majored in theatre education at Appalachian State University, and has written several children’s books and over 30 original plays.

She and her husband, Andrew, are currently living out their story in Davidson, NC with their four children, Bailey Joy, Graham, Grayson, and Anna Hope. They also serve as the children’s pastors at The Refuge in the greater Charlotte NC area.


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